Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday - March 29

Photo © Jim Doty Jr.

Good afternoon faithful readers,

It has come to my attention that today's column didn't go out. I must have hit a wrong key somewhere. I apologize and stand for your flogging. Here is today's column.

Hello Vicarious Conference Attenders,

I sure hope the column and the photo's have helped you feel a part or at least informed about what's happening here in sunny Independence . If you want to see lot's more photo's than Seventy Jim puts in the column be sure to go to Click on 2007 World Conference and click on photo album.

Becky Savage. Photo © Bob Walker

Yesterday was the second day of "History in the Making". For the first time in the roughly one hundred seventy-seven year history of the church, a female sat in the chair on the rostrum of a World Conference as a member of the First Presidency of the Church. And she took over the chair during part of the legislative session and presided. She received a loud round of applause when she stood to preside.

The legislative sessions went smoothly. Some resolutions passed, some were referred, some were defeated. If you're a person who is really into legislation go to the web site and click on 2007 World Conference, then on daily reports. You will see all that happened yesterday in the legislative sessions.

President of Seventy John Wight and Apostle Stassi Cramm. Photo © Bob Walker

One thing of note yesterday; as I mentioned in an earlier column there is a renewed relationship and pairing of the Twelve Apostles and the Seventy. Anytime there are new Apostles called into the Twelve there is a reassignment of field responsibilities. Usually the person coming in doesn't have the same gifts and skills as the outgoing person. So the Twelve reassign field responsibilities by gifts, skills, and other criteria. Yesterday the new field assignments were announced, and also the new pairing of the Seventy with the member of the Twelve. In the Rocky Mountain Mission Center our new Apostle is Dale Luffman, and Dale will be paired with Seventy Ordinand and Missionary Specialist, Robin Linkhart. I look forward to working with both Robin and Dale.

Translations Staff. Photo © Bob Walker

One of the last things that happened is the chair called all the folks there, who are working on translation, to come to the front. There must have been thirty or forty and some weren't even there. They received special recognition and thanks from the conference. This year we are translating into more languages that ever, both written and spoken; eight different languages I think. French, Spanish, Tahitian, Russian, German, and Oklahoman if I remember right.

Photo © John Weese

Wednesday is traditionally a night off. There is no Conference Worship planned. There are several groups who offer worship. Two that I know of are the Native American Worship and the Contemporary Christian Worship. Your reporter and Melinda decided to take advantage of the gift and go rest a little.

Photo © John Weese

So today is a pretty full agenda. It is the last of the discernment sessions, and a legislative session in the morning, with another legislative session after lunch at 2:00. Tonight is the second Worship in the Temple so again there will be three Worships to accommodate all the people who want to attend. It should be a full and rewarding day. I will keep you informed.

Paraphrasing one of the discernment questions, When you hear God's voice speaking to you, what is He saying is the most important thing for you to lift up to other people?

Photo © Jim Doty Jr.

Until then may God bless you with the Spirit of peace, reconciliation, and healing and may you then "pray it forward" to others.

See you tomorrow!

Seventy Bob