Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday, March 23

Photo © Jim Doty Jr.

Good Morning Faithful Readers, and some new ones added this year,

This is your roving reporter preparing to cover another world wide news event just for you. Community of Christ World Conference 2007 is just about to begin. Independence, MO. has been "abuzz" for weeks now making preparation for an influx of several thousand folks from all over the world. Some people have been traveling for days or even weeks already. Some, like this reporter, will start early today. Some will just walk a block or two to get there. But get there we will. And tomorrow the "big event" kicks off.

It's going to be all new this year "they" have been saying for some time. A different type of conference. A new format. A new look. What does it all mean? Well stay tuned and this reporter will do his best with words and hopefully some pictures to help you feel like you're there.

Photo © John Weese

One new and exciting happening is that during Conference this year Habitat for Humanity will be building a house in Independence and service minded conference goers will have ample time to plug in and help raise a house for some deserving family.

So look for this column, hopefully daily, for all the exciting activities, and news that are always a part of World Conference. This reporter and family start the trip in a few minutes.

So until tomorrow, this is your fellow servant saying, "Share Christ, Share Peace"

Seventy Bob

Photo © Jim Doty Jr.